May 29, 2015

Fun for the Whole Family at Santa Anita Park

Disclosure: I was invited to Santa Anita Park by America's Best Racing to visit and share about all of the Family Fun. 
There is never a shortage of fun stuff to do in Southern California, especially since we pretty much always have perfect weather (sorry out of towners). Here on, I like to share with you all the Fun Family friendly events around SoCal, so you and your family can go out and make memories too. Today I'm sharing with you how Family Friendly Santa Anita Park is. 
You might think that horse racing is an adult only type of event, but at Santa Anita Park, they make it a family affair. Recently I attended the Santa Anita Carnival over Memorial Day weekend and I'm happy to say my girls had the best time! Yes, there was horse racing going on, and a beer festival, but the atmosphere was completely family friendly. If you were to ask my daughters what their favorite part of the carnival was they would absolutely tell you that it was the pony rides. It was the best 8 minutes of their lives! Haha!
You can always check their calendar ahead of time, but every weekend they have a Family Fun Zone open to their guests that features an infield full of activities for your little jockeys to enjoy, from inflatable jumpers, face painting and carnival games to pony rides, a chance to meet Seabiscuit and the Santa Anita Playground. Plus, you enjoy an exciting day of racing as the horses run around you. Seriously, the kids could spend all day on the inflatable obstacle course and the rides are just old school and fun for the kids without the stress of being overwhelming and fast. 
Gates Open: 10:00am
Family Fun Begins: 12:00 Noon
Live Racing Begins: 1:00pm (Except for Opening Day, Sunshine Millions, Big ‘Cap Day, SA Derby Day – Noon)
Family Fun Ends: 4:00pm
They also offer a great value with the Family Four Pack (only available for walk ups $30):
2 Daily Racing Programs
4 Hot Dogs, 4 Chips & 4 Sodas
2 Pony Rides
2 Face Paintings
8 Carnival Games
2 Wristbands for Unlimited Jumper Time ($10 value)

One of my absolute favorite things about Santa Anita Park, is the view. The view is always so beautiful with the San Gabriel Mountains in the distance and the park itself is such a treasure. When you enter the grand stand it's like stepping into a time warp. So much of the architecture and mood is very old and authentic, of course with some of the modern amenities thrown in. And whatever you do, don't forget to visit the beautiful horses in the viewing area. They are such amazing animals, they are kind of breathtaking. 
This weekend Circus Vargas is in town and you can find them at Santa Anita Park! Buy your tickets here and then make sure to follow along on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram to stay up to date on all the fun stuff going on at Santa Anita Park

May 26, 2015

DIY Ombré Milk Carton Candle Holder #MilkAndArtContest (plus Giveaway)

This is part of a sponsored collaboration with the California Milk Processor Board and DiMe Media. However, all opinions expressed are my own.
To me, there is nothing better than gathering items from around the house, and recycling them to make something new and beautiful. Today I am sharing a fun and easy craft making good use out of a plastic milk jug. I have partnered with #MilkAndArtContest to bring you some ideas for spending time with your kids while using a Milk Carton to make art. Milk is more than a drink – it brings families together and makes simple moments magical. As a busy Mom, I try to remind myself that spending time with your family helps build a better future by providing fun memories.
To make a DIY Ombré Milk Carton Candle Holder you will need:
Plastic Milk Jug (washed, rinsed and dried)
Tissue paper in 3 different shades of 1 color
Hot Glue Gun and Gllue
Step 1. Draw a line around the Milk Carton Just below the handle and cut.
Step 2. Cut the tissue paper in strips of about 18 inches long by 1 1/2 inches wide. 
Step 3. Wrap the entire strip of tissue paper around two fingers and pinch at the base. 
Step 4. Put a dime sized drop of hot glue on the Milk Carton and press the base of the flower onto the hot glue. Hold in place until you're sure it's stuck. 
Step 5. Repeat two rows of one color and then move on to the darker shades. 
Check out the video I made for more details on how the project was done. 
Once you are done gluing all of the paper flowers, check them out and fluff them up if they need it. Next you can get your flameless candle and place it into the now recycled milk jug. I chose to use a flameless candle for my own safety reasons. Personally, I like not having to worry about anyone accidentally starting a fire, but maybe that's just me.
This is the view of the Milk Jug candle holder from above with the flameless candle inside. 
I loved the colors that I chose, but really you can use any colors that you like. I almost used a mix of teal, red and yellow just to be extra bright and colorful. In the end, the various shades of purple just screamed at me and won me over. 
Here you can see I have my DIY Ombré Milk Carton Candle Holder in my hallway at our little charging station. Usually, you only see random electronics plugged in, but now that I added my new candle holder there is a fun pop of color to an otherwise drab corner, and also serves as a nightlight. 

Want to win $2,000 for your kid’s education? If you live in California turn a milk container into a work of art and submit your piece to: Facebook to enter the contest. Rules: 

Along with the fun contest over on Facebook, you can also enter to win some prizes from me! 
I am giving away:
o 1 copy of The Artful Parent Craft Book
o $25 Amazon Gift Card

To enter: 
Leave me a comment below telling me something you learned about the Milk and Art Contest or which submission is your favorite so far.
Tweet about the Milk and Art Contest using the #MilkAndArtContest hashtag.
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May 25, 2015

Everyone is Happy at Johnny Rockets!

Disclosure: I was provided vouchers to eat with my family and share about my experience. As always, you have my honest opinion. 

As much as I'd like to think that my kids are those really super awesome kids that eat anything I ask them to and sit quietly at a restaurant, it's not true. To be perfectly honest, my husband and I don't get out very often, so when we do go out to dinner we try to not take the kids with us. But once in a while, it's nice to get out as a family and enjoy a nice meal. The trick to a nice family meal is picking a family friendly place that offers food that you know your kids will eat. That is why my family LOVES Johnny Rockets. 
One of our local Johnny Rockets is located in the mall and I love being able to walk around before to build up my appetite and after to help my food digest. I also really like trying to tire out my kids. 
This is my youngest's dinner. Two mini hot dogs, fries, a lemonade and a side of happy face ketchup. I think they mostly get a kick out of the ketchup face, but they also enjoy having their own plate with small food. My littlest one can be a picky eater, I love that she would eat all options from the kids menu at Johnny Rockets, it just makes my life easier. 
Yum! Right here you are looking at my delicious Smoke House Burger. The Smoke House Burger features an exceptional blend of flavors, with smoked bacon, crispy sourdough onion rings, cheddar cheese and a special recipe "Smoke House" barbecue-ranch sauce. 

I don't know about you, but I always ask for a Cherry Coke for me and for the littles, a lemonade. One of the best parts of eating at Johnny Rockets is the entertainment. Sitting at a table with a jukebox is like something my girls will almost never get to experience anywhere else. And then, of course, there is the dancing. When certain songs come on in the restaurant, the servers will do a fun dance routine. I love to dance and sing along with them. 
If you are looking for the perfect family friendly restaurant, this is it. Johnny Rockets is the perfect place for lunch or dinner with the whole family. I love when a restaurant makes us all happy at the same time and in this case, my husband loves a good burger, the kids love the kids meals, and I love... everything.

Stay in touch with Johnny Rockets on their site, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for fun updates and special deals. 

Tell me: What's your favorite Johnny Rockets burger? experience?