July 16, 2014

Quick Easy Meals for Summer Fun! #ComidasFaciles #CollectiveBias

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You know what the fun part about Summer is? For me, it's the freedom to do things you can't get away with during the school year. Luckily for my girls, they totally get to benefit from Mama saying "Yes" to everything. 
"Mom, can we wear our princess dresses?" Sure. "Mom, can we put on makeup?" Yeah, go ahead. "Mom, can we eat outside in our playhouse?" Umm... Sure. Even though I am saying yes to all of this fun stuff, what my girls aren't seeing is that I am sneaking in rules and nutrition into these summer meals where I can. Yes, they can wear their princess dresses, but first they have to put their laundry away. Yes, they can eat outside in the playhouse, they can even have their favorite Kraft Easy Mac N Cheese, but I am going to sneak in some nutrition where I can. 
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I knew that one day, I would have to invest in a Club membership to feed my growing girls. I was actually pretty excited to head to Sam's Club and become a member to shop since they have some amazing new deals with their Instant Savings. 
#Shop #ComidasFaciles
Check out the amazing deals that I got at Sam's Club, you can see all the savings for yourself in the Instant Savings Booklet. Seriously, you can not beat these prices whether you are stocking the pantry or even for a party. 
(Note: Instant Savings end July 20th)
Kool Aid Jammers Variety Pack: 40 pouches, Made with real fruit juice and offers 100% daily value of Vitamin C. 
Currently featured in the Sam's Club Instant Savings Booklet at $1.50 off for a value of $5.03.

KRAFT American Singles: Always made with real milk, individually wrapped, no artificial preservatives or flavors and are an excellent source of calcium. 
Currently featured in Sam's Club Instant Savings Booklet at $1.75 off for a value of $5.03.

KRAFT Easy Mac Cups: Yummy mac and cheese in a convenient cup for an easy meal on the go. Currently featured in the Sam's Club Instant Savings Booklet at $2 off for a value of $7.68.
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You want to know my secret to our balanced meal? I chop up hot dogs for protein (any meat goes really well) and broccoli then saute them with some cooking spray and add them to Kraft Easy Mac Cups.  See, a quick easy meal that is full of nutrition! 
#shop #ComidasFaciles
Now for the grains, we just make a quick grilled cheese with the classic KRAFT singles (calcium) and add Kool Aid Jammers (full fruit serving) for a beverage and now your kids have a balanced meal that they can eat anywhere. Even in a playhouse or "castle."
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I feel like I deserve a reward every time my girls happily eat their veggies. 
#Shop #ComidasFaciles
Every day is different with my girls. Some days they are princesses, some days they are pirates, some days they want to join the circus or race their bikes all day long. Thanks to Sam's Club and Kraft for the great deals, it is easier for this Mama. 

July 7, 2014

Entertaining the Kids During an Emergency #PrepWithPower and Duracell #Shop

This shop has been compensated by #CollectiveBias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone.

Living in Southern California, I will most likely never experience the destruction that a hurricane or tornado can bring. But, I do have to be prepared because where I live, an earthquake can hit at any time of any day. It is something we never want to experience, let alone even think of. But part of being a parent and being responsible for little ones, is planning and being prepared. Keep reading to see how I #PrepWithPower and Duracell batteries in case of emergency. 

Recently my girls experienced their first small earthquake. Luckily, it wasn't big enough to really scare them, but just give them a little taste. After the recent earthquakes, we started to get our emergency kit together. We put together all of the necessities: bottled water, a first aid kit, non-perishable foods, flash lights, and of course batteries. But as we talked with my daughters about being prepared, they wondered about their toys. They wanted to put their favorite stuffed animal and some toys in our kit. Of course, that only lasted until we put the kit away, then they missed their toys too much. But that got me thinking. We really should put a kids emergency kit together for them. A devastating earthquake is going to be traumatic enough without having access to some entertainment. 
At first I started to gather some of their favorite books, board games, coloring books and crayons for their own kit. Then I realized, if I just keep their own stash of batteries with their toys, then they can play with some of their more entertaining and battery operated toys, like their Leap Pad, radio, and flashlights. 
Once we started preparing, we found the Duracell Rechargeable batteries and charger to be a great idea. This way, we can always have batteries charged and ready to go when we really need them. 
We found all of our batteries at the Power Center at Walmart. It was located in their very own central kiosk near the checkout stands. Perfect access for stocking up on your next trip. 
Flashlights are always fun when you are a kid. There are so many fun things to do with flashlights, playing hide and seek, shadow puppets, telling stories, or even reading a book under the covers. The possibilities of flashlight fun are endless, as long as you #PrepWithPower. I always go with Duracell Coppertop or Quantum batteries when my rechargeable Duracell batteries are charging. 
They really have no idea what kinds of devastation can come from a disaster like a big earthquake. I know that living in Southern California, they will experience a big one in their lifetime. As a parent, I would like to make that experience as less stressful as possible for them.

July 4, 2014

This is how we #SavorSummer!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Dixie Consumer products. All opinions are my own. 

How has your Summer been so far? Sunny Southern California has had warm days since May, so we've been having to find fun and different ways to keep cool. But, it's fun! Summer is always fun. We definitely do our best to #SavorSummer by making fun memories every day. Dixie Ultra products wants to help you #SavorSummer with their super fun sweepstakes
We had a lovely pool side lunch with our Dixie plates before we jumped in the pool to cool off. Aren't these plates super colorful and bright? Perfect for Summer Time! 
What kind of fun ways do you keep cool and #SavorSummer? We like to use water guns, the water hose and the sprinklers to keep cool on most days. On special days, we blow up our inflatable pool and play for hours, hook up the hose to the Slip-N-Slide for exciting fun or visit our family to swim in their backyard pool. I think those smiles definitely show how we #SavorSummer! 

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