March 30, 2015

Making Memories at the Knott's Berry Farm Boysenberry Festival

Disclosure: My family and I were invited by GigaSavvy to a media day at Knott's Berry Farm just so I can share with you all the awesomeness they have going on. All opinions are 100% mine.
The highly anticipated Knott's Berry Farm's Boysenberry Festival has officially kicked off and my family and I were fortunate enough to be there for opening day ceremonies. We love spending time together and making memories, isn't that what life is all about anyway? I will always treasure my time spent at Knott's as a kid and I am just so glad to be able to do the same with my girls. The Boysenberry Festival is a special time at Knott's Berry Farm and only runs through April 12th, if not for the food alone, you need to visit soon! Keep reading for some of the fun you and your family can look forward to. 
During opening ceremonies, we were lucky enough to watch as the world renowned competitive eater Joey Chestnut gobbled down 14 pounds of Boysenberry Pie to become the first ever Knott's Boysenberry Festival World Pie-Eating Champion. I have to admit I was equally impressed and grossed out while watching the eaters messily eat the Boysenberry Pie. 
That Boysenberry Pie trophy was definitely earned and well deserved. All of the participating eaters were such a mess while congratulating each other on a job well done.
Ghost Town is a classic part of Knott's Berry Farm and is the main stage for most of the Boysenberry Festival festivities. 
Every guest that visits Knott's has posed behind these bars while entering Ghost Town. This was actually our first time and I think these pictures need to be framed. Can you tell who the feisty one is? Haha.
Last week while attending the media preview I told you about some of the delicious foods that you and your family can find during the Boysenberry Festival. The one thing on the list that I didn't get a chance to try during the preview was the Fried Alligator with Boysenberry Aioli, of course it was the first thing my family and I had to try. Now that I've tried it, let me just tell you, it is DELICIOUS! Everyone says it tastes just like chicken, and I agree, but to me, the taste and texture is kind of a cross between chicken and fried calimari. I was so proud of my little for trying it, she keeps telling everyone, "Crocodile tastes like chicken!"
Another family favorite is the churro, I can pretty much get my husband to go with me anywhere as I long as I promise that there is a churro in his future. This time we tried the Boysenberry stuffed churro and I must admit, the Churro factory in Ghost Town has the hands-down best churros in town. 
If you get out to Knott's Berry Farm's Boysenberry Festival, make sure to purchase the tasting card for the best deal. With the tasting card, you can try 6 specialty foods for $25 and all portions are definitely shareable for the family. I could talk about the food from the Boysenberry festival all day, my favorite savory options are: the Spicy Boysenberry BBQ Wings, Fried Alligator, Fish and Chips sandwich and the Fried Cheese curds and my favorite dessert items are: the Fun Bun, Boysenberry stuffed Churro and the Boysenberry Dessert Flautas. 
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 I think I have the food at the Boysenberry Festival to blame for my daughter turning into a mini food vlogger. She has been watching youtube lately and wanted to introduce herself on my instagram while trying the Boysenberry BBQ wings for the first time.
Knott's Berry Farm is family friendly and such a great value for all the fun memories you can make with your family. From the rides for both little and big kids, the shows for the whole family, and the delicious home style cooking, we love making our memories here. We can't wait to check out the new Voyage to the Iron Reef opening in May and with the warm So Cal Summer coming up, my girls are looking forward to checking out Knott's Soak City for the first time.  

March 28, 2015

Treat Yourself, Spa Week is here!

Disclosure: I was provided with my very own 60 minute massage in exchange for spreading the word about Spa Week. However, as always all opinions are my own. 
Sometimes, being a Mom can mean always putting yourself on the back burner, especially if you're a Mom on a budget. The minute I think I have a little spare cash that I hope to use on a much needed pedicure or a new outfit, something will inevitably come up. Suddenly one of them will need new shoes, or treats for the class, or something unbreakable will break and need to be replaced. Am I right?
I can't believe that I had never had a massage before this week. Honestly, I am not big fan of being touched, I don't even really like when people hug me. I know, I'm weird. Whatever. So anyway, my discomfort with being touched was no match for the fact that I am a stressed out Mom who desperately needed an hour of relaxation.
I can't believe I waited this long until having my first massage, but I am so glad that thanks to Spa Week, I found Spa Xanadu. I have driven past Spa Xanadu, located in Arcadia, CA, so many times before and I am glad to say I finally went in and had the most relaxing 60 minute transdermal magnesium massage from Amanda. She made me feel so comfortable and the whole experience was definitely something I'm going to need to do again. Spa Week is taking place April 13-19th nationally and participating spas are offering 2-3 different treatments for a $50 deal.
I know it seems almost impossible to find the time to get away for a massage, but as a Super Mom who does it all, you really deserve it. I managed to squeeze in my massage after picking up my little one from preschool, dropping her off with my mom, dropping off my taxes, and picking up my older daughter from kindergarten. My point is, a 60 minute massage is completely do-able and you deserve to fit it in your schedule. Sometimes we just have to do something for ourselves, so take advantage of the great deals during Spa Week and reward yourself. 

March 23, 2015

Are You Ready? The Boysenberry Festival is Almost Here!

Earlier this week I attended the media preview for the upcoming Boysenberry Festival at Knott's Berry Farm and got all the yummy details to share with you! As you can see, the Boysenberry Festival begins this weekend on March 28th and runs through April 12th. 
You ready? Okay, I'm warning you now, the pictures are pretty drool worthy. 
I am going to start off with my favorites. This right here is the Fish and Chips Sandwich with Boysenberry Tartar Sauce. The fish was perfect, crispy and moist, the kettle cooked chips added a really nice texture and the Boysenberry Tartar sauce added a perfect amount of tart and sweet to the sandwich. 
These Fried Cheese Curds with fries and Boysenberry Ketchup are AMAZING! Honestly, I had never had fried cheese curds before and didn't know what to expect, but OMG! They were kinda like the most moist cheese sticks, but better. 
So one of the best things that Knott's Berry Farm has ever done was create their Boysenberry BBQ sauce (which you can now purchase by the bottle). The Chicken Wings and Ribs are so good and messy all drenched in the sauce. Yum! Literally finger-licking-face-wiping good!
There are also a ton of Boysenberry delights to keep an eye out for while at Knott's Berry Farm. The Boysenberry candies are so good, you have to try the big Boysenberry Chocolate bar, taffy, licorice, and gummy bears. Yes, I said Boysenberry gummy bears! Oh and don't forget to try the Boysenberry Honey, BBQ sauce and Jams they are such a treat. Of course, you can't forget the classic Boysenberry punch and Icee and the drink I am dying to try is the Boysenberry Latte, I have to try it next time I'm at Knott's. 
Okay, let me get started on the desserts. Right here, you are looking at the Boysenberry Flautas. I think it is a fried crepe stuffed with Boysenberry, dusted with powdered sugar. Sounds good right? Okay, now get ready for the new best thing ever. 
Meet The Fun Bun! The Fun Bun is probably one of the best park foods ever, a cinnamon roll, dipped and fried in funnel cake batter and topped with Boysenberry Cream Cheese. Yes, it is just a delicious as it sounds and when you cut into it for the first time, the amazing aroma that greets you is like nothing else. It is definitely something to share with the family, I mean unless you can handle massive desserts all by yourself, then go for it. The Fun Bun is so amazing, it even has it's own Twitter handle, go follow it @KnottsFunBun

So, hurry up and get out there, because the Knott's Boysenberry Festival is short lived but all of the delicious Boysenberry foods are so so worth it.